Linen Pillow Slip Set - Chestnut
Linen Pillow Slip Set - Chestnut
Linen Pillow Slip Set - Chestnut

Linen Pillow Slip Set - Chestnut


Elevate your bedroom aesthetic with the warm and inviting tone of our IN Bed Linen Pillowslips in the rich Chestnut colour. Crafted from 100% certified European Flax, these pillowslips bring together style and comfort in one luxurious package.

Each set includes two pillowslips featuring an envelope closure at the back, ensuring a secure fit for your pillows. With the option to mix and match colours from our range, you can effortlessly create a personalised look that suits your taste.

The Chestnut colour adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your bedding ensemble, creating a cozy atmosphere for a restful sleep. Made from premium linen, these pillowslips offer exceptional softness and breathability, ensuring a comfortable surface for your head to rest upon.

To view all the available colours for our pillowslips, click here. For the complete range of IN Bed Linen products, click here.


European Flax® certification 

guarantees environmental best practices, traceability, and accountability throughout production, including no irrigation, no GMOs, and zero waste.

Mechanical scutching process ensures zero chemical usage during fibre production, adhering to high sustainability standards.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

 ensuring every component is tested for harmful substances, guaranteeing safety and toxicity-free materials.

B Corp Certified

In Bed are b corp certified reflecting their commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Fabric & Care
  • Made in Portugal from 100% Linen
  • Warm gentle machine wash with like colours
  • Line dry where possible otherwise tumble dry on low setting (ensure you do not use a high/hot setting as this will damage the fibre)
  • Wash separately or with similar fabrics (do not mix with towels or other items likely to leave lint)
  • Do not bleach or dry Clean
  • Do not leave sheets on the clothesline or in direct sun for a prolonged period as natural fibres are susceptible to sun bleaching
  • Avoid direct contact with cosmetics or skin products not properly dried on skin (such as hair or body oil, heavy creams and especially specific acne treatment which may include peroxide or other bleaching properties)
  • Do not wash with sharp-edged clothing accessories, such as metal zipper, buttons, metal hooks

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