Neroli Delicate Wash

Neroli Delicate Wash


Looking after your garments made from delicate fabrics doesn't have to be a chore. With our Neroli Delicate Wash, you can easily and safely cleanse and refresh your silk, lingerie and other precious pieces.

This gentle cleansing liquid contains plant extracts, organic herbs and pure essential oils that will leave your garments feeling soft and silky. And, because it's delicately scented with the elegant and heady aroma of pure neroli essential oil, you'll feel like you're being enveloped in a luxurious spa treatment every time you use it!

So why not make laundry day a little bit more luxurious with our Neroli Delicate Wash? It's suitable for use in both washing machines and hand washing.


All natural 



500ml;16.9 fl oz

Made in Australia


Organic Soapwort Saponaria Officinalis Not soap. Not a wort. But a plant that contains a soapy substance called saponin, used by the Ancient Greeks for generations to wash delicate tapestries and heirlooms.

Neroli Flower Oil Citrus Aurantium Amara Not only does Neroli pure essential oil smell gorgeous it has some of the best properties in terms of relaxation and stress reduction. It also has excellent natural antimicrobial properties making it beneficial in cleansing your garments as well.

FREE FROM allergens, irritants and harsh synthetic or petroleum-based chemicals, parabens, sulphates, phosphates, synthetic dyes or fragrance, animal products, palm oil, sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate.

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