How to Compost your Bamboo Toothbrush


Thanks to you, thats one less plastic toothbrush sitting in landfill. 

Owning a bamboo toothbrush is no different to a plastic toothbrush, same function, same wear time, however far different environmental impact.

Our toothbrushes come packaged in kraft boxes that can easily be recycled or composted and the toothbrush itself can composted at its end of life cycle. 

Follow our easy 2-Step instructions below on how to carefully remove the bristles and compost your bamboo toothbrush correctly in 2 minutes:



Remove Bristles

Before your toothbrush is put in the compost, it will first need to have the bristles removed. This might sound difficult but it is surprisingly very easily.

Use a pair of pliers to easily remove toothbrush bristles from the Bamboo handle.

Clasp small patches and use a rolling motion to losen and pull out bristles. 

Removing Bamboo Toothbrush Bristles with Pliers

 Easy steps for removing toothbrush bristles and composting a bamboo toothbrush



After the bristles have been removes you are now able to put your toothbrush handle in your choice of composter.

The bristles can be recycled through your city recycling program however since the bristles are so fine we recommend you collect them over time in a small recycled glass jar until full, then dispose of. 

Bamboo Toothbrush with bristles removed with pliers | '

Bamboo Toothbrush bristles for recycling | ' 

How long does it take for the handle to break down ?

If you bury it in your garden horizontal, It will take approx. 3 years to break down. We recommend that if you use this option, you break the handle up into smaller pieces to fast track the process. 

If you pop it in your composter, it could take as little as 4-6 months and if you have access to an industrial composter, your toothbrush could be gone in as little as 2 weeks!  



We recommend you keep your pliers and jar in the bathroom to make the process quick and easy.


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