Simple and achievable swaps to cut plastic out of your beauty routine.

As part of Plastic Free July we thought we'd share some easy and achievable swaps you can make to eliminate plastic from your beauty routine.

Jentl Rose Gold Safety Razor

Invest in a safety razor

Did you know that it is estimated that 2 billion plastic razors and blades are thrown out every year and cannot even be recycled? Our safety razor is a one off purchase that can last a lifetime and gives you a closer shave! We share more reasons to make the switch to the safety razor HERE.

Jentl Bamboo Cotton rounds

Reusable bamboo cotton rounds

Do you use disposable cotton rounds? Did you know that cotton farming has a huge environmental cost, both in water consumption and the leaching of chemicals into the ecosystem. They also tend to be packaged in plastic. A great swap is our reusable make-up rounds are made from sustainable bamboo. Once used, just place them in the cotton net bag included and add them into your next laundry load. Easy!

Use plastic free beauty brands

Switch to plastic free beauty brands such as Kjaer WeisFlavedo & AlbedoEthiqueElate Beauty and Viva La Body.

Jentl Bamboo Toothbrush - Eco friendly

Bamboo toothbrush

Our bamboo toothbrushes are fully biodegradable.⁠
By using more bamboo, we increase the need for its demand which will call for the rise of more bamboo farms. The fast-growing nature will help farms develop quickly, which is another great way to reduce carbon from the air.⁠

Konjac sponge

Instead of using face wipes that create more waste and are filled with synthetic chemicals and alcohol make the switch to the konjac sponge. Popular in japanese, chinese and korean beauty routines.

Jentl Bamboo exfoliating glove - environmentally friendly

Bamboo exfoliating glove

A healthier and more sustainable option to use instead of the plastic exfoliating gloves you buy from the supermarket.

Try solid shampoo, conditioner and soap

Opting for a solid shampoo, conditioner or body soap is a great way to rid your routine of plastic packaging that isn’t always biodegradable. Some of our favourites are by Christophe RobinEthiqueNue Bar and Lush

Use refillable products 

Refillable beauty is not a new idea but in recent years it’s one that has caught on. It calls into question the waste that accrues from our old beauty compacts, tubs and tubes and offers an opportunity for mindful consumption. It’s not just a niche market anymore either with some of our favourite brands embracing the concept like Charlotte TilburyFoile and Fluff Casual Cosmetics. Buying refills often means you’ll be saving money on packaging too. 
Written by Nadia Whitehurst 

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