The benefits of meditation + Our top 6 meditations recommendations.
The benefits of meditation and our top recommendations on where to get started 

Meditation has become a powerful tool in our daily wellness practice (especially over the last year...) Something as simple as sitting with yourself for 10 minutes first thing in the morning can have profound benefits on your mind, body and soul.

During a time of procrastination, a 10 minute meditation to reset and focus can do wonders. The mind and our thoughts can be a messy place and meditation really helps us quiet the noise and focus in on what is really important to us. 

Below we share some of these benefits as well as links to our go-to meditations and mediation teachers! 

Meditation is a natural stress stabilizer

Stress is the body’s response to unforeseen adversities. Encountering immediate threats increase the level of cortisol, or stress hormone in the body, and activates the Autonomic Nervous system, which is responsible for fight-or-flight responses. Brain studies of regular meditators revealed that they have lower cortisol levels in their brains, which explains their resilience and insightful nature.

Meditation improves cognition, focus and concentration

Researchers agree that an excellent way for professionals to increase the likelihood of success is to keep meditation practice as a part of their daily routine. Studies have revealed that both transcendent and mindful meditation practices improve the brain’s problem-solving and decision-making strategies, which can bring a desirable shift in our professional life. A 2011 study from the Harvard Medical School examined the effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain and found a connection between mindfulness and processing new information.  

The benefits of meditation and our top recommendations on where to start

Meditation promotes emotional health and well-being

Studies have shown that meditation improves self-image and self-worth. When we meditate, we get a clear picture of our mind and become aware of the thoughts that drive our emotions and actions at the moment.

A large-scale study found that regular meditation decreases the likelihood of developing depression and mood-related disorders. Besides some forms of meditative practices which also promoted positive thinking, as researchers stated, and could improve the overall emotional health of an individual.

Meditation enhances empathy

Loving-kindness or compassion meditation fires neural connections to brain sites that regulate positive emotions like empathy and kindness. The deep state of flow that meditation induces builds social connectedness and make us more affectionate and amicable as a person.

Meditation increases attention by inducing a state of flow

Have you noticed how meditation absorbs you into the moment? Mindful awareness comes naturally to us when we meditate, and we reach ‘flow’ state where our mind is in complete harmony with itself. A study on the effects of an eight-week mindful meditation course found that people who are regular meditation practitioners had heightened attention and concentration span.

Even people who meditated for short durations showed more focus than individuals who did not meditate at all.

Meditation can help with addiction

A growing number of studies has shown that, given its effects on the self-control regions of the brain, meditation can be very effective in helping people recover from various types of addiction.

The benefits of meditation and our top recommendations on where to get started

Below are some of our favourite meditations: 

Here is a list of some of our favourite meditations to get started and try out. We recommend you trial a range of different types until you find the one that is right for you. Meditation is not a one size fits all so do not give up or if at the start it does not feel right. 

Smile meditation with Tara Brach

Tara Brach is one of the world's leading mindfulness and Buddhist meditation teachers and psychologists. Many people have reported incredible life changes after doing this smile meditation for 30 days straight. We also highly recommend her books and YouTube.

Anti-aging kundalini meditation to brighten your radiance 

This 11 minute kundalini meditation is powerful and calming for the nervous system. The breathing technique increases oxygen flow throughout your body that enhances radiance and glow. Try it for 40 days to see the benefits and have people asking what you've been doing/taking/"how did you get that glow?". We love doing this meditation to White Sun or Sunniai on spotify.

Golden light meditation

An easy guided meditation to do if you're just starting out. Begin as you wake up first thing in the morning before having coffee etc. Sit in your bed and feel all the calming benefits. 

Ram Dass meditations

Everything Ram Dass <3 Especially the soothing sound of his voice, teachings and meditations. 

Eckhart Tolle meditations

Reading and listening to Eckhart Tolle is like a hug for the soul and his meditations are some of our favorite for calming down and getting back into the present moment.

Dr Joe Dispenza's meditations are incredibly powerful, potent and literally life changing. If you aren't familiar with him and his story it's worth doing some research by listening to podcasts and reading his books. 
Written by Nadia Whitehurst 

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