How to make your Mum feel loved & special this Mother's Day
 We thought we'd share a little list of some gift ideas and creative ways to make your mum feel special this Mother's Day. In honour of all the incredible and inspiring mums out there, we're offering 20% site wide with code "LOVEMUM" at checkout. Jane Birkin Mothers Day Jentl
  • Take her on a picnic. Pack a delicious sustainable wine, her favourite cheese, seasonal fruit and vegetables, make some homemade dips and play a game of pétanque
  • Surprise her with a morning coffee and breakfast delivery with a handwritten note
  • Book in a little lunch at her favourite restaurant
  • Gift her some self love beauty tools like our Rose Quartz Gua Sha or Facial Roller
    Jentl Mothers day Beauty Tools, Rose Quartz Rose Roller and Gua Sha
    • Make her a homemade treat such as cake, jam, tart and deliver with flowers
    • Spend a day out at the museum
    • Book her in for a massage or facial
    • Take her on a movie date and fill her up on popcorn and chocolate
    • Gift her a new stack of books from your local bookshop
    • Cook something together with a fun playlist (we love French Chill)
    • Gift her one of our Straw Market Bags for her weekly activities markets, beach and shopping. Place some fresh blooms in there with a handwritten note
      Jentl Mothers Day, Straw Market Basket Bag
      • Gift her anything silk - pyjamas, pillow case, slip mask
      • Clean the house for her
      • Tell her all the reasons why you love her and why you're grateful to have her in your life
      Written by Nadia Whitehurst 

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