Scouring Pad Loofah
Scouring Pad Loofah
Scouring Pad Loofah

Scouring Pad Loofah

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Crafted with care and precision, this scouring pad is made from high-quality loofah fibres that provide effective scrubbing action while being gentle on surfaces. Designed by the skilled artisans at Iris Hantverk, known for their commitment to traditional craftsmanship and sustainable materials, this scouring pad is a testament to their expertise.

The natural loofah fibres are tough enough to tackle stubborn stains and grime, yet soft enough to avoid scratching delicate surfaces. With its versatile and ergonomic design, it fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for easy maneuvering and efficient cleaning.

Not only does the Iris Hantverk Scouring Pad Loofah excel in performance, but it also embraces sustainability. Loofah is a renewable resource that is biodegradable and compostable, making it an eco-conscious choice for your cleaning routine. By choosing this scouring pad, you contribute to a greener future and reduce your environmental impact.

Whether you're scrubbing pots and pans, tackling tough kitchen stains, or cleaning various surfaces around your home, this scouring pad is a reliable companion that effortlessly combines functionality and eco-friendliness.


    Made from high-quality loofah fibres for effective scrubbing action.

    Gentle on surfaces to avoid scratching and damage.

    Ergonomic design for comfortable grip and easy manoeuvring.

    Versatile cleaning tool suitable for pots, pans, and various surfaces.

    Crafted by skilled artisans at Iris Hantverk, known for their traditional craftsmanship.

    Sustainable and eco-friendly choice made from renewable loofah fibres.

    Biodegradable and compostable, reducing environmental impact.

    Provides a natural and charming addition to your cleaning routine


    Our Iris Hantverk Scouring Pad is crafted using natural loofah fibres. Loofah is a plant-based material derived from the fibrous interior of the loofah gourd. It is known for its excellent scrubbing properties and gentle abrasiveness, making it an ideal choice for effective cleaning. The loofah fibres used in our scouring pad are renewable and biodegradable, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning experience. Embrace the natural beauty of loofah and bring an eco-conscious touch to your cleaning routine with our Iris Hantverk Scouring Pad.

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