Everything you need to know about Activated Charcoal Water Filters

Activated charcoal sticks are a great way to naturally purify water. In this article, we'll teach you everything you need to know about activated charcoal water filters, including how they work and why you need one

What is an activated charcoal water filter stick?

Activated charcoal is a type of carbon that has been treated at high tempretures to have small, pores creating a large surface area that can adsorb certain molecules. This surface area is what allows activated charcoal to adsorb (not absorb) impurities from water and air. When used as a water filter, activated charcoal can remove impurities like chlorine, lead, and mercury from your tap water.

Activated charcoal water stick filters | JentlHow do activated charcoal sticks work?

When water passes through an activated charcoal water filter, the impurities in the water are attracted and become bonded to the surface of the charcoal. This process removes the unwanted substances from the water and makes it safer to drink.

Activated charcoal filters work by adsorbing (not absorbing) pollutants from your tap water.

The process of contaminants attaching to the surface of the charcoal filter is similar to how Velcro works. This happens because both water and contaminants are polar compounds, meaning they are attracted to each other.

A charcoal filter is essentially a storage facility for pollutants, with the pores functioning as storage bays. The longer water spends in contact with the carbon filter, the more effective it will be.

The more contact time water has with the carbon filter, the more efficient the filtration will be.

What are the benefits of adding an activated charcoal stick to your tap water ?

There are many benefits of using a charcoal water filter stick daily. Some of these benefits include:

  • Remove impurities and bad odours from your water

  • Improve the taste of your tap water

  • Make your tap water safer to drink

  • Easing the amount of toxins the body needs to process

  • Better for your long term health and wellbeing

  • Boosting immunity

  • Detoxifying the body

  • Increasing your overall water intake

Purified water, Activated Charcoal sticks | JentlHow to use an activated charcoal stick to purify water:

To purify your tap water using one of our activated charcoal water sticks is a simple and easy process.

  • Simply fill a pitcher or carafe with water and insert the water filter.

  • Leave the water to filter for 3-4 hours, or overnight for best results.

  • Once the water has been filtered, enjoy your clean and pure water.

Depending on your household and how much drinking water you need, we suggest you purchase at least two water filters to use in tandem in the background.

As of late, we have been adding adaptogens to our filtered water to boost our overall wellbeing.

If you're looking for a way to naturally purify and improve the quality of your water, our activated charcoal sticks are a great option. Not only do they remove impurities and bad odours from your tap water, but they also improve its taste.

Our charcoal water filters are an affordable and environmentally friendly option to assist in improving your overall health and wellbeing. Try one today!

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